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Cherie's | Clacton-on-Sea

Cherie's Main Menu

Wholetail Scampi £5.95
with chips and salad

Battered Cod
with chips and peas
Adult £5.50
Child £2.95

Tuna Mushroom pasta melt £5.95
With chips and salad

Steak and Onion open pie £5.95
Chicken and Leek open pie £5.95
Creamy vegetable open pie £5.95

All pies come with a choice of either chips / potatoes/salad or Vegetables

Chicken curry £5.95
with rice / chips or 1/2 & 1/2

Chilli con carne £5.95
served with rice, chips or 1/2 & 1/2

Classic lasagne £5.95
served with chips, potatoes, salad or vegetables

Stroganoff beef or mushroom £5.95
served with rice / chips salad
Add £1.00 extra for the beef

Mushroom and spinach lasagne £5.95
Served with chips, potatoes, salad or veg

Goat cheese, pepper & olive bake £4.95
served with salad garnish & allioli

Macaroni cheese £5.95
served with chips and salad

Italian meatballs £5.95
In a rosemary paprika sauce served with pasta & garlic bread

Vegetable goulash £5.95
Served with rice or potatoes

Liver and onion/bacon £5.95
with potatoes and vegetables

Cottage pie
with vegetables and gravy
Adult £5.95
Child £3.50

Gammon and pineapple / Egg £5.95
served with a choice of either chips or potatoes and salad or vegetables

Roast chicken or beef
With Yorkshire pudding, potatoes and vegetables
Adult £5.95
Child £3.95

Lamb Shank £6.50
With potatoes and vegetables

Ham, egg and chips
Adult £4.95
Child £3.50

Sausage, chips / mash
With peas or beans & gravy
Adult £4.50
Child £2.95

100% beef Burger in a bun £2.25
Cheese burger £2.50
Bacon burger £3.00
Bacon and egg burger £3.50

100% Chicken breast nuggets
With chips and a choice of salad or beans
Adult (8 nuggets) £4.95
(5 nuggets) £3.50

Vegetable sausages
served with chips and baked beans
Adult £4.50
Child £2.95

sml £1.00
med £1.50
Lrg £2.00

Cheesy chips £2.00

Salads from £4.95
Choose from cheese, tuna, egg, ham, chicken, prawn